About me

My adventure with antique motorcycles started recently. In 2009 I bought my first antique motorcycle IZH 56. However, the fascination with Soviet motorcycles quickly passed. Already in 2010 I bought the first Zundapp – DB200 1938. Unfortunately, the bike was very incomplete, and many parts were counterfeit. Although I didn’t give up and I still work on this Zundapp. Since then, my collection as my knowledge about Zundapp motorcycles has grown remarkably.

I specialize in pre-war models with smaller capacity – from 170 to 350 ccm. I also began to make some repro parts, which are hard to find. In time, my offer of repro parts will increase. A lot of them can be found under the section ‘Parts’. If you have any questions please contact me – as far as possible I will try to help you. I wish all people, who are renoveting their motorcycles perseverance in the renovation and fun from riding.

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